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Botox Treatment for Masseter at Monaris

Masseter is a muscle that helps you to chew. When Botox™ is Injected into messeter it's called masseter Botox or Jaw Botox™.

Masseter Botox is done in following Indications

  1. Reducing pain and tension in Jaw bone.

  2. Relieving headaches

  3. Contouring of square jaw

  4. Changing shape of face from broad to slim.


Area is cleaned to make it sterile. Your Dermatologist will examine your jaw muscle and will decide the quantity of Botox required.

He may ask you to clench your teeth to feel the muscle. Required Dosage will be injected in the muscle with very fine and long needle.

Minimal or no discomfort is there during the procedure

After procedure you cannot exercise for few hours.

Do not take facial or massage on the Injected area

Effect of Masseter Botox

Effect of Masseter botox lasts for 4-6 months and the procedure has to be repeated to maintain results.

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